2-9-20 Visitors flock to Flounders’ Folly on August bank holiday

Our volunteer wardens welcomed over 120 visitors to the Folly on the August Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy the fabulous vistas on view in the fine weather. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to climb to the top and abided by the number limits in the tower, necessary under Covid restrictions. We hope you all enjoyed it and look forward to welcoming you again.

Grateful thanks also to our neighbouring woodland owner, who has cleared scrub and young trees from our northern boundary so that allcomers can enjoy unrestricted, sweeping views of the Longmynd and elsewhere, even from ground level.

One of our visitors, Rachel Evans, took this photo of her dog, Poppy, who was held tightly on a lead at the top of the tower!

Poppy the dog sits on the parapet, held tightly and safely on a lead by her owner, Rachel Evans