Can you help us by volunteering?

We’re always pleased to hear from responsible people who are prepared to give up a few hours of their time to open the tower for visits by members of the public.

The tower is usually opened to the public by two volunteers on the last Sunday of each month (except December) and on some Bank Holidays. We have a few volunteer slots in 2017 still to fill.

Volunteer duties take in unlocking the entry door at the base of the tower; unlocking the door at the top; hoisting the Cross of St George up the flagpole on the viewing platform to signify we’re open; and staying at the foot of the tower to monitor visitor numbers, and ask arrivals if they would like to leave a donation to help towards the folly’s upkeep. Finally, we need the tower locked up again and the money handed to the Trust!

To offer your help, please email our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Jude Wheeler, or the Flounders’ Folly Trust chairman, Seabury Salmon, with your phone number.